This Saturday is going to look a little different around SFBC. Lando Day is our annual anniversary party, and this one marks 5 years of Short Finger Brewing Co. At this point in 2015, Kat and Rob were starting a small homebrew shop in the basement of their mid-renovation house… it’s been a long journey to get to the ridiculous warehouse we are in now.

This weekend's festivities mean a change to our now-usual routines. First off, there will be no Wednesday beer release this week. Instead, Lando Day beers will hit the online store at 4pm on Friday for those looking to pre-order. Second, there will be no Red Truck Delivery this week. We are putting the program on hold while we navigate the new changes to our physical space. Online orders are still required for homebrew shop purchases, with local pick-up, Eco Courier delivery, and shipping options available for both homebrew supplies and beer.


The biggest news for Lando Day 2020 is that we will be opening up our parking lot patio (!) for the first time from 11am to 4pm this Saturday, June 20th. Yes, we will actually be able to pour beer for you. Things will look more than a little different from our parking lot parties of the past, though. We will be limiting numbers for everyone’s safety and will be respecting physical distancing guidelines; those invading people’s personal space will be asked to leave immediately. It goes without saying but - if you are sick - don’t come. In order to make sure that folks don't go hungry, there will be delicious Lando Day Dogs available throughout the day from Clementine Catering; hot dogs are the perfect parking lot patio food!


Lando (Batch CE) - 5.4% Barrel Aged Sour Saison Blend
The main component of this Current Era blend used heavy Tettnang hop additions on brew day. It was in neutral oak barrels for 12 months and then spent time on a second-use Simcoe dry hop. This blend has a healthy portion of fresh bitter Lando in it as well. Batch CE has a solid Saison character that plays well with the bittering component of the Tettnang. It offers light tartness that plays well with the hop-forward component; the marriage of sour and bitter is not an easy feat. Very close to the “A” batches of Lando, which are a neutral sour, this has a much punchier hop component. Bottles only.

Lando (Batch NZ) - 5.4% Barrel Aged Sour Saison Blend
This batch spent 12 months in second-use California Chardonnay barrels. It was aggressively dry hopped with NZ Wakatu and Waimea hops, then blended with fresh sour Lando. In this version of Lando, the New Zealand hops come out very tropical and sweet, with accents of melon and papaya. Frankly, it’s amazing. Bottles only.

Billy D. - 5.4% Old Barrel Aged Lando on Golden Plums
This batch spent 15 months in neutral oak barrels before getting transferred onto Niagara golden plums for 2 months. Bottled October 1, 2019, it has been tucked away conditioning for this year's big day. Billy D. is an expressive sour that is accented by the skin of the golden plums, but still has the Lando back-end depth that makes this beer so unique. Of note, no fresh Lando is added at the end of the process. Billy D. will only be available from 4pm on Friday until 4pm on Saturday. After that, you won’t see it again until Lando Day 2021. In bottles to-go and on draught in-house. 

Cloud City - 5% Double Dry Hopped Oat Pale Ale
Brewed with Simcoe, Ekuanot and Lemondrop hops, Cloud City is only brewed for Lando Day. Hop forward but Pale Ale strength (Rob’s favourite), this brew delivers lots of lemons punching a sweet tropical fruit. A limited number of 4 packs will be available for purchase on-site and online. We’ll also be pouring Cloud City on draught for patio drinks.

Lando (Batch AC) - 5.4% Barrel Aged Sour Saison Blend
The letter “A” at the start of a Lando batch code signifies a neutral oak blend, expressive of our house culture. No barrel notes, no dry hop, no fruit, no herbs … you get the point. Just house culture yeast and bacteria: mixed fermentation perfection. We still have bottles left of this recently-released fairly acidic blend; it will develop beautifully if laid down. Bottles only.


  • Secret cellared Lando releases will only be available for purchase at SFBC on Lando Day, not through the online store.
  • This year's epic Lando Day poster was designed by Ky Kavanaugh; the run is limited to 20 prints.
  • We have a sweet new (glow-in-the-dark) Lando pin available! All online bottle orders over $50 will receive a free pin with purchase.